Best 100 Graphic Novels and Comics

Via File 770, this post: Let’s Get Graphic: 100 Favorite Comics And Graphic Novels caught my eye.

Ordinarily it probably wouldn’t have, because I’m not all that familiar with the graphic novel / comics world. But Mike Glyer pulled out this one on File 770:

As it happens, ages ago I borrowed the first couple collections of Astro City from my brother and loved them.

Gosh, checking at Amazon, I see there are a lot of Astro City things out now. Hmm. Maybe I will start collecting at least this one comic…

Here is one of those extremely useful posts detailing what’s out there for Astro City and what order the books go in. Thank you to all fans who put things like this together, for those of us who might be interested and have no clear notion where to start.

I do notice that occasionally the collections have issues out of order, though. Anybody know why that happens? Cause it seems weird to me.

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