Can these people accurately guess your gender based on your knowledge of dog breeds?

Even stupider than usual, this internet quiz sucked me in by offering me dog pictures. Plus while I am 100% proof against the “… and you won’t believe what happened next!” style of click bait, I’m easy when it comes to internet quizzes. Though less so now, as just recently I’ve seen a whole series where questions are all multiple choice and all extremely easy; those are too obviously just wanting you to click through and see the adds.

Anyway, no one could possibly mistake these super-common breeds, except I suspect that people might not recognize a Siberian husky. I am guessing most people are getting the You Are Definitely Male screen, because honestly, who can’t recognize beagles and pugs and yorkies?

Here are a few comparisons that would genuinely test people’s dog breed knowledge:

Which one is the German Shepherd and which is the Belgian Malinois? Could you recognize a Malinois if you saw one trotting by in the park?

The size difference is disguised in this picture. The Malamute is about twice as big as the Siberian Husky. Can you tell which is which? Does it help to know the Malamute is a heavy draft dog whereas the Siberian is a racing animal? Incidentally, you will please the Malamute people if you never ask them why their dogs don’t have blue eyes. Malamutes never have blue eyes.

Can you tell the Pembroke Welsh Corgi from the Cardigan Welsh Corgi? The bone structure, head shape, and ear set are all different. And the Cardi comes in lots more colors, plus of course it is the one with the tail.

One is an English Springer Spaniel and the other is the much less common Welsh Springer.

What we have here is a Black Russian Terrier, a Giant Schnauzer, and a Bouvier.

Okay, now, what is this:

Did you say Yorkie? Bzzzzt. This is a Silky Terrier.

How about this one?

Tempted to call it a Basset Hound / Terrier mix? Nope, it’s a PBGV — a Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen. I once really impressed someone by recognizing their ungroomed PBGV.

So, put some of these guys on your internet quiz and I’d be more impressed. Though the results probably still wouldn’t tell you anything about the gender of the respondents.

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6 thoughts on “Can these people accurately guess your gender based on your knowledge of dog breeds?”

  1. FWIW I actually did spot the Siberian – only because I’ve actually seen a team of them, and was suprised at how small & light they were – but the rest… nope. Maybe a general ‘corgi’ or spaniel, but not the specifics.

  2. Yep, I picked breeds which are genuinely difficult unless you happen to be *really* into dog breeds. In fact, I forgot wirehaired pointing griffons vs the German wirehaired pointer. Even I can’t always tell which I’m looking at, though I know griffons are usually stockier dogs. Sporting dog people would probably roll their eyes if I made a mistake with their breeds, just as I do when people mistake a Cavalier for a Cocker.

    Unfortunately I couldn’t find a really good comparison shot for Cavaliers vs American Cockers. Although people constantly ask me if that’s a Cocker or tell me about the Cocker they had as a child, I truly don’t think the two breeds look at all alike.

  3. Just as you should never assume a woman is pregnant, you should never assume a dog is a mix of different breeds. Some people get verrrry irritated if you think their dog is a mutt. (Not that there’s anything wrong with mutts. Or purebreds.)

  4. Yep to all that. Though if I had a Pharaoh Hound or, I don’t know, a powderpuff Chinese Crested or whatever, I would never expect anybody to recognize it. Might as well just get used to the idea…

  5. I remember the first time I noticed a corgi, I thought it looked like a German Shepherd and a daschund had somehow managed to mate. Fortunately I didn’t say anything to the owner along those line. :-)

  6. Perfectly possible! Surprising what dogs can accomplish when properly motivated. … Probably just as well you didn’t mention your theory to the corgi owner, though!

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