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We live in a science fiction world

I saw this coming, and I bet you did too:

This man had the chip from his travel card implanted under his skin

This Australian can now tap in and out at train stations with a travel card chip implanted in his left hand.

I wonder how long it will be before implanted chips are as common as credit cards?

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2 Comments We live in a science fiction world

  1. Pete Mack

    That guy’s a nut. I prefer to keep chips in pets, not in me.
    I found the creation of various “sixth senses” to be more interesting.
    * People put small magnets in their fingertips, and can sense electric current.
    * People wear belts made of cell phone buzzers hooked up to GPS. Buzzers nearest wearer’s home buzz, giving wearer a “homing instinct.” Apparently when the belt is removed, the wearer feels bereft, as if he’s, well, lost a sense.
    (These are really primitive senses. Synthetic ears are already in play for deaf people.) The users say after a while you know longer notice the physical aspect. You just “know” where home is and the like.

  2. Rachel

    I’d be willing to try the belt with the buzzers, but implanting anything in my fingertips is right out.

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