The Incredibles

Mari Ness has a post up at An Animated Superfamily: The Incredibles

Basic conclusion:

But for most viewers, I think, The Incredibles works not because of any of these deep issues, but because it’s just plain fun—particularly the second half, which switches from an introspective yet funny meditation on middle aged life and the need for superheroes to a fast paced action film that uses the characters’ superpowers in often surprisingly entertaining ways—for instance, the way Elastigirl manages to create a speedboat in the open ocean. It’s great.

It is indeed, and now I want to go re-watch the film.

The whole post is well worth reading; Mari Ness does her usual bang-up job of analysis, which imo is always most fun when the movie she’s discussing is (a) really good, or (b) really bad. Obviously “The Incredibles” falls into the first category. The tough part for me is deciding which I love most: “The Incredibles” or “Up.”

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2 thoughts on “The Incredibles”

  1. The Incredibles all the way for me (best Pixar movie; best superhero movie — both less impressive feats at the time, but pretty remarkable that it still holds the trophies). Ratatouille didn’t completely work for me, though the climactic scene is just wonderful; I’d also tend to put Up in second place.

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