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Many of you, for one reason or another, probably do not follow the blog Math With Bad Drawings (although it is well worth a look). For those deprived souls, I offer this link to a funny and not too mathematical post:

Life, in Coordinate Planes

Here’s how the post starts:

Historians will look back at this period and ask, “What mass lunacy gripped these people, that so many of them sought pleasure in running long distances?” Their books will have titles like “The 21st-Century Illness: How Marathons Brought Civilization on the Brink” and “26-Mile Masochism: Had They Not Heard of Cars and Bicycles?” and “Running in Giant Meaningless Circles: You Were Right All Along, Ben.” Then they will go play dodgeball, because the future is a better place.


The next coordinate plane actually does deal with books, about which you might have opinions. I, for example, would put Ulysses waaaaay over at the bottom left corner. (Any Ulysses fans can weigh in about it’s proper position in this plane, if so inclined). But the comments about marathons made me laugh, so that’s the section I copied here. Click through to read the whole post.

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2 thoughts on “Here’s something fun —”

  1. There are people (especially nerdy ones) who liked playing dodgeball? I thought that game was too wrapped up in childhood bullying trauma.

  2. I admit I kinda liked dodgeball despite being unathletic as a kid. Way better than the sports in which I was forced to participate in high school. Volleyball, now *there* was a trauma.

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