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My partner and I have been together, more or less, for fourteen years. In that time, I have learned all sorts of odd things about him… However, only one of his weird idiosyncrasies stresses me the eff out: the man doesn’t use bookmarks. Ever.

Now, the author of this post . . . Ashley Bowen-Murphy, I see here . . . makes a good point:

According to him, if he can’t remember where he was in the book, he shouldn’t be reading there. So he will flip backwards through the book until he remembers a key plot point or, in the case of non-fiction, important fact. On one hand, this feels like a pure way to read– it ensures that he really and truly pays attention to all the plot points and arguments made in a given book. On the other hand, ZOMG that is ridiculous!

Okay, yes, it does seem kinda ridiculous to me too. For heaven’s sake, if for some reason you are opposed to using bookmarks, just look at the page and recite “Page 172” before you put it down. Poof, problem solved.

But! Who cares, fundamentally, whether someone else wastes time flipping around through a book searching for where they last left off? It’s their time to waste if they find that kind of thing fun. On a scale where leaving the cap off the toothpaste is, say, a seven, this strikes me as about a minus seventeen.

Kind of an entertaining post, though, and I will assume that Bowen-Murphy really would not put this on her top-ten list of stressful things.

Also, the comments are interesting. There are even one or two commenters who dog-ear pages. Now THAT would be a habit worth complaining about!

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