What are people *really* reading?

I suspect the NYT Bestseller List is going to get a shove toward irrelevance from this: Introducing Amazon Charts – A Bestseller List for What People are Really Reading and Buying

The above is a link to The Passive Voice Blog.

Here is a link to the actual Amazon Charts page

I will add, I cannot even begin to imagine re-reading The Handmaid’s Tale, which I loathed in college.

Also, very interesting to see how many of the top twenty most-read books this week are . . . Harry Potter books. Wow. Like a quarter of the whole list. I would have assumed those would have faded out of the top twenty most-read category by now, but no. Not one is on the most-sold list, though. I guess that means Amazon is tracking people reading ebooks and listening to audiobooks they bought previously.

I expect this list to have no impact on my personal reading or buying habits, but it’s still interesting to see what ideas Amazon comes up with.

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4 thoughts on “What are people *really* reading?”

  1. It’s final exam/graduation season, so that explains the Seuss book in the sales chart and all the Harry Potter rereads – burnt out college kids returning to comfort reads. (My theory anyways)

  2. I just finished _Death of an Adept_ by Katherine Kurtz and am now reading _The Little Gentleman from Okehampstead_ by E. Phillips Oppenheim. Guess I won’t make a bump in the statistics.

  3. I would prefer if they broke that up by genre. As it is, most of the time I’ve picked up a bestseller, it’s been mediocre to frustrating. (Well, Harry Potter wasn’t bad.) I usually view “bestseller” more as a “Keep-Away” type of list. But maybe my tastes are just slanted in a different direction than most of the book-buying populace.

  4. Rachel Neumeier

    Sarah–sounds plausible!

    Irina–me too, definitely.

    Megan–yeah, not likely to be a personally useful list for me either! I wonder how many weeks Fifty Shades would have topped this list the year it turned into a phenomenon.

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