Smaug vs the Balrog

Over at, this fun cage match.

Okay, now, I get that the Balrog was scary. But it was basically a giant flaming monster with a whip. Set that against Smaug, a giant flaming monster with teeth and claws.

I vote for Smaug. Yep. The dragon would wipe the floor with the balrog.

It’s a fun post — check it out if you have a few minutes, and see why Austin Gilkeson, the post’s author, thinks I’m right.

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1 thought on “Smaug vs the Balrog”

  1. With knowledge from the Silmarillion that the Balrogs were basically Maiar gone demonic, I think the Balrog would win. Especially if Smaug is a second generation dragon, not bred by Morgoth himself (which I don’t think JRRT ever covered). Even though Smaug has claws, teeth and fire. Balrogs are tough and more spirit than body.

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