Good News Tuesday

Oh, it’s Tuesday! I took off yesterday . . . so that Conner could do a photoshoot in St. Louis, not that I would brag about my budding star puppy . . . anyway, taking a day off always does make it hard to remember that it’s actually Tuesday.

Here is Conner practicing for a career in show biz:

Anyway, this morning I remembered this link I had made a note about:

An artificial womb successfully grew baby sheep — and humans could be next

“…And this is good news?” some of you may be asking.

Yes, yes it is. You know who would be happy to have their animals used as guinea pigs to refine this method? Dog breeders whose girls are having issues with premature labor, for one. OMG how much less stressful it would be to fertilize the eggs in a test tube and implant the zygotes in a nice safe environment that maintains an optimal environment until you unzip it to remove the perfectly developed puppies. None of this worry about puppies just dying two days before the due date because the placental connections have been compromised . . .

I grant you, I might be a little biased toward this technology because of Bujold’s use of artificial wombs, which of course showcases a mature technology rather than anything experimental. Still, I bet every single woman who has ever experienced an iffy or difficult or dangerous pregnancy would like this option to be available. My cousin had to be hospitalized for part of her pregnancy because it was so hard on her, and I’ve known other women who experienced something similar.

The first goal of this particular research is to provide a false womb for very premature human babies. It’s certainly true that extremely premature infants have a terrible time. So do their parents, of course. Faster, please!

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