Here’s an item of historical interest

Via The Passive Voice blog, this: A Time Capsule Associated With Jules Verne Has Been Discovered in the French Pyrenees

A multidisciplinary team of archaeologists and historians from the Paris Descartes University and The Explorers Club NYC have made an extraordinary discovery close to the French Pyrenees in the Occitaine region. Work started in September, and using drones and ground-penetrating radar they have been able to find a metal container dating from the end of the 19th century….

At first I thought this might be a creative way of setting up some kind of homage to Jules Verne, but the press release makes it seems to be real.

Preliminary x-rays have revealed some clues about the items inside the box: they have shown documents, books and metal objects of different sizes and shapes. The conclusions of these studies, therefore, indicate the existence of new works or new evidence from that time period.

For the moment, it has not been possible to prove conclusively that the box and its contents belonged to Jules Verne or someone close to him. However, everything points to the possibility that they may discover unpublished documents belonging to the writer.

How about that?

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