Dune is going to appear on the big screen, again

Here’s an interesting tidbit: The New Dune Movie Is Being Written By the Man Who Wrote Forrest Gump

Eric Roth, who won an Oscar for his adapted screenplay for Forrest Gump, has been hired to adapt the Frank Herbert novel Dune for director Denis Villeneuve. Roth also wrote The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Insider, Munich, Ali, and many, many more. …The novel was released in 1965 and was famously adapted into a 1984 film by David Lynch. …

Oh, was that David Lynch?

IMO, the 1984 film was terrible. It could very reasonably have been titled “Great Moments from Dune,” because if you hadn’t read the book, I don’t see how you could have followed the story just from the movie. Comment if you remember the movie and agree or disagree.

The modern trend is to take any longish SF novel and turn it into a movie trilogy. That would be a great idea for Dune. I don’t see any other way to do the story justice; it’s just too big.

Here’s more about the new Dune movie if you’re interested.

Also, sentimental as it was, I liked “Forrest Gump.”

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4 thoughts on “Dune is going to appear on the big screen, again”

  1. I love watching the old Dune. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a disaster from beginning to end, but for some reason I can’t take my eyes off of the screen until it’s over.

    My brother and I watched it, full of excitement because, for some reason, we’d heard a lot about it. When it ended we started at each other, each hoping the other could explain what had just happened. We’re still shrugging our shoulders, but I’ll never get over those unforgettable two hours. Each frame is embedded firmly in my memory.

    “It is by free will I set my mind in motion…”

  2. Dune takes place so much in the characters’ heads that it strikes me as particularly poorly suited to adaptation. But I think HBO series would be a better format than film trilogy if they insist on trying again. High enough budget for sandworms and atomics, enough space to actually tell the story.

  3. I’m so old I saw that movie in a movie theater. I suppose it could have had a slower pace, but it’s hard to see how. I remember thinking I should’ve brought a book to read.

  4. Evelyn, that’s hysterical.

    Mike, I’d be up for an HBO series. Anything that lets the story stretch out.

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