Right, because no one else ever thought of a lone gunslinger, I guess

Looks like Stephen King’s getting sued for the Gunslinger character in the Dark Tower series.

I never could get into that series. But my immediate reaction is: Sure, buddy. No one could ever come up with a stetson-wearing gunslinger type of protagonist if they hadn’t stolen it from you. Especially not rich guys who by pure coincidence are expecting to have a movie made about this particular bit of intellectual property.

And sticking a tower in a desert, it certainly stretches plausibility to suggest that two authors might have come up with that one … oh wait, maybe the guy suing King should be hit with plagiarism charges for ripping off Browning’s “Childe Roland” poem. And trying to hide the inspiration by changing his protagonist’s name to Restin! That’s very subtle, there.

Well, I don’t know, I’m not an expert on the two properties in question. But as you can see my initial impression is: not impressed. Anybody who’s familiar with both the Dark Tower series and the comic series called “The Rook” want to weigh in?

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