Friday Puppy Post

Friday’s dose of cuteness: Kimmie in a basket.

Someone asked me the other day:

Do you pose your puppies in these baskets/on dog beds/on bookshelves?

Nope. It’s not that I’m above posing puppies, I just don’t need to. They climb into these places by themselves. My role is to coo at them or make duck noises or whatever, so that they will look up at the camera.

However, sometimes when some shrub is blooming especially beautifully, that will cause me to go get someone photogenic and set them up for a photo.

Here is Pippa years ago with a great rose called ‘Renee’ —

Unfortunately ‘Renee’ died — we have trouble with rose rosette disease. But at least I got some nice pictures first.

Now we have a different climbing rose on that gazebo. Below is ‘Cameo,’ a polyantha. The polyanthas so far seem much more resistant to rose rosette than other roses.

Of course you recognize Ish posing in front of ‘Cameo’ —

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