Shadowfax vs Bill the pony

I enjoyed this post by Judith Tarr, over at

Shadowfax may need magical help to survive the terrain between Rivendell and Moria in winter cold and hard weather without starving to death, but Bill can live off the country and arrive back at Bree both alive and able to recover from the weight loss he’s suffered from living wild in winter. … Pound for pound, too, a pony can be stronger than a horse. Shetlands can carry a grown man with ease, though his feet may drag on the ground. Horses will lose weight-bearing capability as they get larger; a very large horse is challenged enough to carry his own weight around without also carrying a heavy rider.

Okay, sure, 99.9% of all those who watched The Lord of the Rings movies remember Shadowfax better than Bill the pony. But still, an entertaining post where ponies come out a nose ahead of big horses.

Incidentally, my favorite horse in The Lord of the Rings movies was Arwen’s horse, on which she carried Frodo across the river and saved him from the black riders.

What a great scene that was. And the beautiful horse definitely added to it.

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