Down to two ultimately cute puppies

Here is Leda last Wednesday:

This was taken just before she left to go to her beautiful new home with a wonderful 8-year-old boy who is, I hear, ecstatic to have her. Actually I know he is because I have the video of the big Puppy Reveal. So so so charming!

Leda handled the four-hour car ride with no trouble and slept through the night on her new boy’s bed and is, I am sure, due to have a wonderful life. Sad to see her go, but not too sad because her new home will be wonderful.

How much does Honey miss her? Not at all, as far as I can tell. She is not a very fond mother at this point — she growls (gently) when the puppies try to nurse and jumps on the couch to get away from them. Chloe and Jos, the two youngest, are the ones that most enjoy the puppies. Ish and Kenya are very tolerant of the babies; they’re tolerant of everything really. Dora and Pippa, the two oldest, really see no need for puppies to intrude into their personal space.

I will definitely be keeping the other two puppies for the foreseeable future. They are thoroughly adorable and also very nice in show terms. I may lay bets on which one finishes a championship first. Kimmie? She has the most wonderful face and head. Conner? He has such a great body and his head is pretty darn cute, too. I’m looking forward to showing them! They will be old enough in July.

Here they are sleeping on the couch with everyone else for about the first time.

I have to keep an eye on them because at this point I really do not want them trying to jump off by themselves! They are getting big, especially Conner, but they are certainly not THAT big.

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