Cover reveal!

Oh, this went fast! I only saw the brand! new! cover! for my fall title a couple days ago, and here we have the cover reveal already!

Not to mention a final title. You will see we lost everything about dragons, wolves, falcons, and so on. But I think you will agree the cover and title are VERY clear about the kind of book that you are looking at: epic fantasy, with some romance.

The reveal is over at Barnes and Noble, so please click over there and take a look!

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7 thoughts on “Cover reveal!”

  1. While the cover is nice, it’s not what really pops out of that preview. A comparison with Guy Gavriel Kay! Wow!

  2. Eye catching cover, and a comparison to GGK – good stuff. Carey I can take or leave, though. I hope they’re talking about depth of worldbuilding.


  3. I’m thinking worldbuilding, but you can tell me what you think of the comparison to Jacqueline Carey when you read it.

    Yes, I was also pretty happy about it when the NPR reviewer compared Mountain to GGK.

    And yes again, this is the Hinge of Winter story.

  4. Kim, yes it is. I’m not sure I would have realized if I hadn’t already known. He can certainly do all my covers forever. Really nice.

  5. Beautiful cover, it increases the anticipation for a good read from one of my favorite authors!

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