Upcoming SF movies in 2017

There are actually 31 SFF movies coming up this year? That seems like a lot, but if you hardly ever see movies, maybe it’s easy to not notice there are 30+ SFF movies per year.

Anyway, here is the list, posted by David Brin.

Oddly, he does not list Logan, a movie I would kind of like to see even though I know it will be sad. Maybe Brin counts movies based on comics as different from SFF. I pretty much think of them as a subcategory of SFF.

Anyway, Logan is showing now, of course. I need to decide pretty soon whether to go see it. Do any of you know whether it is ultimately hopeful or ultimately tragic? I might see it either way, but I would like to be prepared.

I always have had a soft spot for Wolverine. And I’ve always thought of him as more human — ie, Logan. He always seemed like a more well-rounded character than some of the others.

So, yeah, if you’ve seen Logan, let me know what you thought.

Now, the other 31 movies coming up this year … let’s see … ah, Brin does not actually go all the way to 31. He lists and comments on 22.

My favorite of Brin’s comments: Death Race 2050: Geez, a cliché take on the cliché ripoffs of a cliché.

Something I might actually like to see: The Ghost in the Shell. I like Scarlett Johansson.

Still, I doubt I’ll get to the point of watching enough movies this year to be able to make a Top Ten list.

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9 thoughts on “Upcoming SF movies in 2017”

  1. Katie Patchell

    Logan’s always been my favorite too! I always liked how the movies balanced his human side with his Wolverine side (although I always wished someone could sit him down and just affirm, “Dude, you’re pretty epic anyways, and the Adamantium claws just kick it up a notch…So calm down the angst.”) Side note–I just binged on the Black Dog series (re-reading the first for the 3rd time, the 1st set of stories for the 2nd, and the 2nd book + 2nd set of short stories for the first time). And I love the Dimilioc Black Dogs (and Pure)! As always. But I can’t wait for more. Is the third book still coming out in June or *gasp* earlier? Also, I see the connection between the whole “balance human with wild side” theme with Logan and Ezekiel. :)

  2. Katie, I’m glad you’re eager for the third Black Dog book! I’m still planning on June. I have about two more chapters to write . . . or, you know, maybe I had better assume four or five. But I’m definitely closing in on the finish line for the rough draft. I will need to do revision and then ask people to read it and then another revision, so June seems reasonable. Besides, June/July puts it midway between the release of The White Road of the Moon in a week and Winter in the fall.

  3. My husband reports a coworker saw Logan and says lots of x-men die. Probably including the title character as the actor was up front about this being the last time he’d play. So, a downer.

    On the topic of movies, I’d like to report to Megan that on her recommendation of the Ruroni Kenshin live action movies we saw all three and all enjoyed them although two of us hadn’t much knowledge of the story. I knew some because the Teen talks about whatever is current reading. But neither of us adults had problems following the story. and it was all beautifully done and (per Teen) a respectful treatment of the original manga arc(s). So, thanks for the recommendation, Megan. We watched the English dub, FWIW.

  4. Logan is worth seeing, the hope is there at the end, so it’s not entirely tragic, I will say that is is a “hard R” ratings-wise. It is also has the distinction of being my favorite x-men movie so far.

  5. Elaine, where did you find the Ruroni Kenshin live action movies? I managed to find the first one and I thought the actors did a fantastic job of representing the characters, so I’d love to see the other two.

    I do not plan on watching Logan: for me “hard R” and mostly tragic outweigh Patrick Stewart at his best. Except … Patrick Stewart at his best. Dilemma.

  6. Kim, originally – a couple weeks ago – streamed from Amazon as one of the Prime deals, then bought the Funimation English dub blu-ray from Amazon. I don’t mind subtitles, but the Teen does. If you want English, don’t get the boxed set -that’s Japanese – buy the separate videos with Funimation’s name. It’s worth having them. We’ve already seen them more than once. The Teen had the problem in the first round of ‘they changed things!’ but after the second round is impressed by how well they handled it all. And it’s (I gather) much more respectful of the original than the LOTR movies were. (thinking of #2 & 3 particularly. I like Fellowship, still).

    The Teen left the manga at my place the other day and I notice the Kenshin actor even paid attention to the stances the character was drawn in.

    And they don’t have that formulaic feeling of: now it’s time for the chase scene, now the reversal of fortune, next the race against time …etc. that so much Hollywood output has these days.

    As a bonus we’ve been playing guess the voice actor as there are several from Fullmetal Alchemist, a show we’re very fond of.

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