Friday’s dose of puppy cuteness

What can I say? The babies are still at Maximum Cuteness. They will be for a couple weeks yet. Might as well enjoy Extreme Cuteness while it lasts, right? So, puppies:

Isn’t Kimmie adorable? I chirped like a bird until she lifted her head and held still for one second. She is only barely over four pounds, but such a little hellion!

This will probably be Leda’s last week with me. She has a new family lined up and will almost certainly be moving south to Little Rock very soon, where she will get a big jump on spring. I am sure her new people will admire her amazing ability to climb up a whole flight of stairs by herself. Hopefully the other two will learn to do that soon, thus saving me a whole lot of stair-climbing.

Conner would not look up! But he was still adorable anyway.

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