Which book should you try next?

Oh, yeah, you will totally recognize most of these titles. A lot of them, anyway. But I was playing with this thing where you can make flowcharts and I made this one to try it out and see how it worked. It was pretty easy, really. I used this site called Creately, signed up for the free version to try it out, found a suitable template, and changed stuff around till it looked more or less like I wanted it to.

Check it out — you can click on the image to blow it up to full size:

There you go. I’m pretty pleased. Next time I want to make a flowchart, by golly, I will know how.

Also, if you haven’t already read all these titles, well, here they are: the answer to What You Should Read Next. Wide-ranging, with some published ages ago and some just out last year.

Not seeing anything new here and yet you still want an answer to the question of What You Should Read Next? Well, it turns out there are more internet quizzes for that than you might expect.

For example, this one at Pure Wow. Did it pick a title that appeals to me? Well, no.

How about this one at Just the Right Book? (Scroll down past the subscription panel and there is the quiz). Anyway, no.

This quiz is for YA fans. Did it do better? … Not really. This one in particular assumes I watch tv and know about celebrities. I kinda picked random answers for about a third of the questions.

Quizzes are fun, though. Maybe I’ll figure out how to do a quiz next, now that I’ve got flowcharts.

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