Your Friday dose of total cuteness

I snapped this picture this morning:

All together now: Awwwww.

They sorted themselves out, btw. I didn’t place each one in a separate bed.

That is, from left to right, Girl One, Boy, and Girl Two. Or, as we may now call them . . . drumroll please . . .

Anara Kimberlyn Rose (Kimmie), Anara Konstantine (Conner), and Anara Krystallyn Rose (Leda)

“Leda?” I hear you ask. I know, right? It went like this: She doesn’t seem like a Krystie. Or Krystal. Or Rosie. Maybe Lena. How do you pronounce Lena anyway? Leena? Layna? Lehna? You know what name I like that is sort of like Lena? … and there you go.

However, I have people coming to look at her (and the others) on Monday, and if they fall in love with her (and I like them), then they may be picking a name for her instead. She will not quiiite be available just yet. She is not quite old enough to go, for one thing. But also, I will shortly be taking the puppies up to St. L to visit Deb, their sire’s owner, who has five puppies one day older and one puppy five days younger (I know! It just happened to work out like a tongue twister.).

We will be evaluating all the puppies with the most! extreme! objectivity!

Or at least we will try. Objectivity is a challenge when you already know which puppies you would most like to keep. Our aim is to get a look at each puppy’s structure and confirm that the ones we want to keep do indeed have really good structure — that is, good length of neck and shoulder layback, good straight legs, correct pasterns, good toplines, good proportions, good tailset, good rear angulation, low set hocks, etc, etc. Etc. This takes two people, one to bait the puppy into stacking and standing and one to take pictures. Even with two people, it’s pretty hard sometimes! After evaluating nine puppies, we will both be exhausted, I’m sure.

I already know all three of my puppies are basically nice, with good proportions and good bone and pretty heads. Hopefully I will be deciding they are all VERY nice. Then hopefully none of them will freckle up or have their bites go off….if I were a ruthless show breeder, I would be hanging on to Leda until she was at least 16 weeks just in case Kimmie suddenly developed freckles or an iffy bite.

However, I think pet people deserve to get their puppies when they are still ultra-cute and will have the easiest possible adjustment. We shall see, but I will most likely be letting Leda go earlier than that.

Yes, it will be hard! But when you are housetraining three puppies simultaneously, frankly, having one go off to a great home is also a relief.

Here is a closer view of Kimmie:

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