My other kind of baby is nearly ready to be born

You know what I’m talking about, right?

Coming out on March 14th! Mysterious strangers, ghost dogs, and the dream of a brighter future . . . you know you want this just for the dog, right? Also the horse. I am quite fond of both the dog and the horse.

It’s a wolfhound type of dog, btw. Not a Cavalier. Maybe someday I will put a cute fluffy little dog in a book, but this is not that day.

And it’s not exactly a normal horse. A horse-like creature, we shall say.

I urge you all to preorder this book here. Especially because the cover price is quite reasonable, especially considering how appalling prices are for many new hardcover these days.

I will mention, though, that I will be doing a drawing of newsletter recipients for a chance to win a free copy of The White Road. So if you haven’t already, hit the Newsletter button at the top of the page to sign up.

But hey, whether you’re eligible for the drawing or not, preorder a copy anyway! You can always give an extra copy to a friend, right? And the copy I send you will be signed, so you’ll need an ordinary copy to give away or lend or whatever.

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2 thoughts on “My other kind of baby is nearly ready to be born”

  1. What a lovely complement in the review from School Library Journal, in the starred review no less! I ordered it.

  2. Yes, excellent reviews, even from Kirkus. And that price for the hard cover is amazing. I ordered both formats.

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