Run away, run away

Here is a post which is kinda a companion to yesterday’s Terrible Minds post on Is it time to ditch your agent.

From Janet Reid: That bright red flame you see is me on fire

Querier: Lately, I’ve been seeing agents charge for query and page-evaluations, and I don’t mean at conferences or for charities. (A pitch here for QueryShark which is free and excruciating, but still free.) Isn’t charging for services while those same agents can benefit from or request mss, against AAR Ethics code…?

Janet: Pardon me for a moment here while I set on my hair on fire.

Yes, this is incredibly NOT OK.
It does violate the AAR Canon of Ethics.
And NO you should not query an agent who does this.

Click through if you’ve got a minute and would like to enjoy the rest of the rant.

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