Time to jump ship?

Here’s a post, entertaining and informative, at Terrible Minds: IS IT TIME, DEAR WRITER, TO DITCH YOUR LITERARY AGENT?

I generally come back at anti-agent posts pretty hard, so as you might expect, this isn’t one of those. It’s a post about real warning signs that maybe you’re with the wrong agent (or a scammer pretending to be an agent, though imo that should be fairly obvious).

I actually know someone who experienced number four:

4. Your agent doesn’t seem to like your books. This is a thing. I’ve seen it. I don’t understand it. But any time the agent gets a new draft of your book, they tell you in words minced or unminced that they don’t like it, they can’t sell it, won’t rep it.

She has a new agent now and things are working much better.

Number nine is the funniest:

9. Your agent just ain’t selling your books. Something just isn’t coming together, but your books ain’t moving. Assuming you have confidence in those books, it may be time to look further afield for a new agent. It’s not a personal thing — but if a real estate agent were not helping to sell your house (or at least helping you to understand why the house isn’t selling), then some new blood may be necessary. And by “new blood” I do not mean human sacrifices, please be advised. Human sacrifices are a no-no. That’s how publishing used to work but new regulations have strictly forbidden it blah blah blah, so now it’s no longer “politically correct” to sacrifice humans and — well, it is what it is, so you may just need to find a new agent.

And the whole post is worth reading.

Also, yep, my agent answers my emails. Never answering your emails, yeah, that’d be a bad sign, I’m pretty sure.

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