Ooh, horses!

Here is a post at tor.com by Judith Tarr: Genre Runs on Horsepower: Introducing The SFF Equine.

Of course we do see these horse-centric posts from time to time — I’ve linked to others myself — but hey, who’ll turn down a post about horses, right? Plus as you may know Tarr is a genuine horse expert; she breeds and trains and cherishes Lipizzans. So a horse post by Judith Tarr, sign me up!

Looks like this column will be a regular feature at tor.com:

I’ll talk about some of these topics here, but with a more distinctly sffnal slant—hence, “The SFF Equine.” That’s everything from how to write believable horses (and writers who do it right), to horses in film (and the actors who ride them, and the mistakes that perpetuate from film to film), to horses in fantasy and science fiction (yes: Ponies in Space!), and horses in gaming. Pretty much anything in genre that addresses or includes the equines, I’ll be there.

Tarr winds up this post:

Horses are large, expensive, and require acres of land to thrive, but people persist in making it happen. When we finally move en masse into space, I think we’ll find ways then, too, and reasons to preserve that particular form of interspecies cooperation.

… Which made me immediately think of Elizabeth Moon’s excellent Hunting Party. Horses are not actually on screen during the first half of the book, but nevertheless they pervade the story, adding considerably to its charm if, like me, you’re into both SF and horses.

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