The Series Hugo: What’s eligible?

JJ at File 770 has compiled a list of series which are eligible for nominations for the first Series Hugo.

I don’t need a lot of help nominating in this category . . . I may well not nominate anything but CJC’s Foreigner series, but if I do, I already know which series I’ll likely pick out of the herd.

Still, this is quite a comprehensive list and you may find it helpful if you are eligible to nominate this year.

Here are a few that caught my eye:

Chronicles of Elantra by Michelle Sagara, Cast in Flight — I know some of you are big fans, and I swear, I SWEAR, I will try this series eventually.

Dune by Frank Herbert, Brian Herbert, and Kevin J. Anderson, Navigators of Dune — this caught my eye because REALLY? This series is still ongoing? I think it was Jo Walton (?) who commented that every book in the Dune series is half as good as its precursor. I laughed, but given the first three or four, I have to agree.

Kate Daniels by Ilona Andrews (Ilona Gordon and Andrew Gordon), Magic Binds — I don’t think any UF / Paranormal stands a chance, because I don’t think the set of Hugo voters overlaps much with the much bigger set of UF / Paranormal readers. But such an excellent series.

Raksura by Martha Wells, The Edge of Worlds — and here’s where I’m reminded, okay, yes, there are other series I need to nominate besides Foreigner.

Shadow Campaigns by Django Wexler, The Guns of Empire — and, fine, I will probably nominate this as well.

The Five Gods series by Lois McMaster Bujold, except it’s only eligible because of a novella, so does that really count? I would think it makes more sense to require novels in order to be eligible. I may be in the minority about that, though. Incidentally, the Vorkosigan series may not be eligible because Red Queen was available for sale in 2015.

If you are planning to nominate this year, are there any other series you’d be rooting for?

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4 thoughts on “The Series Hugo: What’s eligible?”

  1. Together, the various Penric novellae add up to a full novel of 390 pp (nearly 100,000 words.) Surely that counts. I understand Rachel Neumeier is eligible for her third Black Dogs novel (along with another short story collection.)

    Next year things are looking up, too: two of my favorite authors will be eligible: Kate Elliott with two books, and Elizabeth bear, who has written a new novel in Pillars of the Sky universe.

  2. John C. Wright’s Count to the Eschaton sequence is up to five books (one to go), and the most recent (VINDICATION OF MAN) came out last year. Given his fraught relationship with File 770, I am disappointed but not actually surprised they don’t list it.

  3. Yes, Pete, but the work that makes the entire series eligible is a novella and somehow that seems less qualified to me than a novel. But I expect that’s just me!

    Sarah, somehow I missed the Raven Boys cycle. Some things about the ending didn’t work for me, but overall a wonderful series, I agree. More than three books, which I personally prefer for a series award; and truly beautiful writing.

    Craig, yes, that is both disappointing and unsurprising, though I imagine there are lots of series that aren’t on that list just because it seems like there must be, so I will hope the absence of Wright’s eligible work was oversight rather than deliberate exclusion.

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