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Are people getting stupider?

This post showcasing ridiculous signs suggests that

a) people are getting stupider, or

b) sign writers are getting funnier, or

c) most likely, businesses feel compelled to post ridiculous signs because occasionally juries rule in ridiculous ways.

I am torn because the competition in this post is truly intense, but this may be the very least necessary sign of all time:

If anyone ever sues a business because they licked the bathroom walls and then got sick, well, all I can say is, I hope I am on that jury. Don’t you want to know what happened that someone felt compelled to make this little sign and tape it to the wall? … Or on second thought, maybe not.

This is my actual favorite sign in the post — it is not the least bit stupid, just really interesting:

That one just begs for an explanation of the backstory!

Click through to admire the display of sheer inanity in signage and pick your own favorite.

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2 Comments Are people getting stupider?

  1. Craig Neumeier

    It’s not an either-or! I’m pretty confident b) and c) are both true, and would support a) at least in my darker moments.

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