“Groundhog Day” transcends the rules

I hardly get to offer an opinion about movies because I watch so few. I loved “Groundhog Day,” though. Here is a post at tor.com about how the movie breaks the rules of every genre.

Groundhog Day succeeds as a film because of the way it plays with, subverts, and outright mocks the tropes of each of the genres it flirts with. While some people would call it a time travel movie, or a movie about small town America, or the most spiritual film of all time, or a rom-com, it is by breaking the rules of each of those types of films that it ultimately transcends genre entirely.

Leah Schnelbach then discusses how the movie breaks the rules for timetravel movies, romantic comedy movies, spiritual movies, etc. The part about the role the unspeaking homeless character of Pops plays in the movie is especially thought provoking.

I think maybe this week I’ll get that DVD out and watch this movie again.

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