Names, names, names

Three good “K” names.

I’m thinking about show names here, not call names. Like Honey’s real name is Anara Honeysuckle Rose. Or actually her full name now is Champion Anara Honeysuckle Rose RN RA, because she is a well-balanced dog, as they say (with a title at both ends).

Anyway, names for her puppies! The call names can be anything, though it is convenient if they also start with K. I think show names sound best if they are at least three syllables and up to five or six. All my show names have “Anara” in front of them, so they need to roll off the tongue that way.

Cute names: Kareoke, Knick Knack, Kewpie Doll, Kerfluffle, Kaleidoscope, Keepsake.

Birds: Kingfisher, Kittiwake, Kestrel, Kookaburra. Unfortunately, though I like the name Kestrel, I don’t think it’s long enough to sound good as a show name. Anara Kestrel . . . no, that sounds too short to me. I can’t think of any good ways to lengthen the name, either.

People names: Konstantine, Kassandra, Karesinda, Katarina, Kimberlyn, Krystiana, Kassidy. I rather like Konstantine, I must say. And all these girl names would shorten easily into nice call names. I’m not crazy about ending multiple words with the “a” sound, as in Anara Kassandra, but I guess I could stand it. Or I could add “rose” after any girl’s name, which would be perfectly appropriate because it would hark back to the mother. Like Kimberlyn Rose; I think that sounds nice.

Character’s names from my books: Kes, Kerianna, Keziah, Kehera. I’ve always liked K names, and it shows. Kes is too short, of course. Kerianna might work. You haven’t met Kehera yet — she’s in this fall’s release. I’m not wild about any of these for a puppy, though. It just struck me how many K names I’ve racked up so far.

Mountains: Kilimanjaro, Kinabalu, Kanchenjunga, Kalisungan, Kerisimbi. Obviously I googled “mountains starting with K.” I like Kilimanjaro, which would actually be quite suitable since these puppies’ grandmother is Champion Roycroft Kenya Camaroon. I didn’t name her, but given that’s her name, Kilimanjaro would be a suitable name for one of these puppies. Unfortunately there don’t seem to be a lot of other African mountains starting with K. The other one in this list that’s Afracan is Kerisimbi, which of course is not nearly as familiar a name as Kilimanjaro.

Fancy names: King of the Castle, Knight Errant, Kindred Spirit, Kenetic Scuplture or Kenetic Dancer. I like these, actually. Don’t know what I would use for call names (certainly not “King”), but I do like these as show names.

I’m also wondering if it would be okay to mix’n’max. Like use Kilimanjaro and Kindred Spirit and, I don’t know, Kimberlyn Rose.

What do you all think?

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4 thoughts on “Names, names, names”

  1. Anara Kassandra bounces in the wrong way, it feels like a superball in my head.

    I rather like Kimberlyn Rose, or Kerisimbi.

  2. I like K names too.

    What about Kavanaugh or Kennedy? I thought they both had a good bounce when combined with Anara.

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