The Cold Eye

Here’s a post at Mary Robinette Kowal’s blog, showcasing Laura Anne Gilman’s favorite bit from her newly released The Cold Eye.

This is the sequel to Silver on the Road, one of my very favorite books last year. I’ve been looking forward to The Cold Eye since I finished the first book, so I’m glad it came out early this year.

At the linked post, Gilman says:

Trying to choose a single ‘favorite’ bit from the Devil’s West books is a bit like trying to remember your favorite moment from summer camp: after a while, it’s all tied up in multiple strands of memory and experience. Trying to separate it out and explain it is…well, it can get messy. But in the case of THE COLD EYE, there was one moment that, every time I look back at it, my breath catches and I’m filled with the reminder of this is it, this is why I write.

Click through to see the tidbit Gilman has in mind.

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2 thoughts on “The Cold Eye”

  1. Didn’t like it as much as the first one, but still a solid effort and I’m looking forward to the third.

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