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Yes, yes, I have been busy, distracted, and short of sleep for the past few days, but all is well and I should be keeping up with the internetz stuff better now. Besides, this interview just got posted by DJ at My Life My Books My Escape, which incidentally isn’t that a good name for a blog?

One of the questions DJ asked was: What do you think readers will be talking about most once they finish The Mountain of Kept Memory? My answer was:

What happens next! I have no immediate plans to write a sequel, but although this book is self-contained, there would certainly be room for a sequel.

I’ll add that, to me, King Osir is such an interesting character and so ambiguous that I hope readers wind up thinking about him and about his role in the story.

I am curious: was I right? If you did think about or talk about Mountain after finishing it, were those the topics?

Lotta other Qs and As at the post, so click through if you’re interested and read the whole thing.

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