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I feel I ought not be the only one with an exploding TBR pile, so let me mention to you all that Open Road Media is having a massive, massive sale of free Kindle books on Amazon. The sale extends through December 20th. Mike S is the one who tipped me off, and I’m sure he won’t mind my sharing a list he’s put together of some of the authors whose books are included. This is not an exhaustive list.

If you search for any author and don’t at first see the free books, sort by low-to-high and they’ll pop up to the top of the list.

I’m still going through this list, but I guess I’ve probably picked up more than two dozen free books so far. Thanks, Mike!

Algis Budrys

John Shirley

4 of the Barbara Hambly fantasies

8 Greg Bear books

8 George Zebrowski books

Several Harlan Ellison

David Feintuch

Howard Fast

2 of the Tomoe Gozen books by Jessica Amanda Salmonson

Ru Emerson

John Bellairs

3 Elizabeth A Scarborough books

Several R.A. MacAvoy books

All the John DeChancie Castle Perilous books!

Many Fritz Leiber books

Orphans Trilogy and Geodesica Ascent by Sean Williams and Shane Dix

Boatloads of Robert Sheckley books!

2 Chip Delaney Neveryon books

Oceanspace and Angel of Europa by Allen Steele

4 James Morrow Titles

Tourists, Travellers in Magic, and Summer King, Winter Fool by Lisa Goldstein

The 4 books of the Jerusalem Quartet by Edward Whittemore

Jane Yolen

a ton of Nancy Springer!!

5 Jonathan Carroll books

The Frank Lauria Doctor Orient books, and a few others

A bunch of Poul Anderson

A bunch of Robert Silverberg

A ton of Brian Aldiss

A ton of Andre Norton

James Gunn

Dave Duncan

Elizabeth A Lynn

Michael Coney

John Brunner

Fay Weldon

Mary Renault

Philip Wylie

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4 thoughts on “Public service message: Open Road Media”

  1. Oh boy, that made for an exploding TBR pile for me too. Is there any way to get a list of just the sale authors? Their site has a ton of books listed and I couldn’t find the sale stuff specifically.

  2. Although if you can identify a sale author, you can just search for their name and sort by price low to high. The first day I heard about this sale, I didn’t have a list of authors and only picked up a few things; Mike’s list really changed that.

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