A never-before HG Wells story finally sees print

Check this out: Long Unseen By Readers, H.G. Wells Ghost Story Finally Debuts In Print

[HG Wells’] long-unpublished story “The Haunted Ceiling” is making its way into print for the first time. In its new issue, The Strand Magazine is publishing the story — which features a man driven mad by the image of a dead woman, with her throat slit, appearing on his ceiling.

The magazine’s managing editor, Andrew Gulli, says he found the manuscript among the tens of thousands of pages of works by H.G. Wells at the University of Illinois.

“It’s been there for a very, very long time — yet for some reason, nobody knew anything about this story,” Gulli tells NPR’s Linda Wertheimer.

I can’t say this story sounds like quite my kind of thing, but certainly good news for fans of HG Wells and ghost stories!

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