…Revivifying isotopes, really?

Derek Lowe analyzes a new health scam:

… a small Florida company (“Vector Vitale”) seems to have picked up on this research, and is claiming that isotopic ratios vary between younger and older bodily tissues, as well as healthy and diseased samples. That’s certainly possible, although they provide no data, but they’re also (you saw this coming) saying that the key to health is getting your isotopic ratios back in balance. And guess what! They’re preparing to sell you stuff to do just that!

Yes, how nice of them. Reading through Lowe’s post, I see that this is far from the stupidest fake-science-based scam I’ve ever seen, but it’s pretty stupid. But what I find interesting is not the fake science of the scam, but the horrible writing:

From the time of Adam and Eve, we ignore the importance of isotope selectivity in food and medicine, and every single day we consume a poison-antidote mixture to be lucky enough to stay alive for a while.

Human cells are well equipped to distinguish between complex macromolecules; different ions of chemical elements but for some reasons lack mass-spectrometry functions, as it requires strong magnets or centrifuges.

Thus we see that if your science education is lacking, your grammar-fu should come to your rescue by allowing you to easily identify this kind of thing as a scam. No one who writes as badly as this can possibly be selling a worthwhile product.

Also interesting: when I read through the comments yesterday, not a single commenter had mentioned the terrible writing of the advertisement. For me it’s what POPPED out.

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