Archon #40

Archon, a small, writing-focused convention right across the river from St. Louis, is taking place this coming weekend. I always enjoy Archon — I like its size, it’s generally well-run, it’s very author-friendly, and I meet some of the same people every year, which is such a pleasure. Plus of course it’s an hour and a half away, rather than way far away.

Now, as you may have realized, I like panels — and I nearly always prefer to be on the panel rather than in the audience. I think I must have said, in the programming survey, “Sure, put me on as many panels as you like!” Because I’m on seven. That’s fine! But it sure will keep me busy.

As you will have seen if you subscribed to my Brand! New! Newsletter! — link at the top of the page, see, right up there, you can click on the link right this minute if you haven’t yet — then you already know my schedule. But of course if you subscribed after the newsletter was sent, you may not, so:

My first Friday panel is “Is “said” really invisible?” Of course I’ll be arguing vehemently that it can be EXTREMELY visible, and that other sorts of dialogue tags can be invisible — I’ll be drawing heavily on this post about dialogue tags from back in (wow) 2013. That seems really long ago now. But I still agree with everything I put in that post. I’m moderating that panel, so it’ll be my job to draw out other panelists and keep the panel on topic, and we’ll see if there’s basic agreement or (better for the energy level of the panel) strong disagreement.

Also on Friday: “Writing Supporting Characters” and a “Worldcon 74 Recap”

On Saturday: “The Science in Science Fiction: the Plausible vs. the Fantastic”

And on Sunday: “Horse Stories” and “Best and Worst in YA Novels” and . . . last one, and most interesting to me at the moment . . . “Rescuing Your ‘Trunk Novels'”

I’ll be posting on most of these topics (not the Worldcon Recap, probably), so you can watch this space for these topics.

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