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All right, let me point out to you all the new “Newsletter” header at the top of this page (and every page of the website). That has now gone live — I think! If everything is working as it should.

Okay, now, I’m envisioning this as about a monthly newsletter, maybe every other month or less depending on what all is going on. It’ll feature news about what I’m currently working on, what’s coming up for release or has just been released, and convention appearances. This one is for the coming October and so it includes TWO convention appearances — Archon this weekend (Seven panels! I’ll be SO BUSY) and KidLitCon in the middle of the month.

Charlotte is the program coordinator for this year’s KidLitCon and kindly invited me to participate. This will be my first year attending and I’m definitely looking forward to it!

Also, if you would care to sign up for my newsletter, you’ll notice (you *should* notice; if it’s all working you will notice) a link for a free short story. At the moment, that’s “The Master of Dimilioc,” which as you all know, was included in the first batch of Black Dog short stories. So you most likely already have a copy. When I get to it (…maaaybe pretty soon), I’ll write a new and different story that’s not included anywhere else and make that one the free story. Of course I’ll let you all know about that, and the link will naturally then be updated for the newsletter. I’m kinda hoping for a new short story every couple-three months or thereabouts.

I have a short story out on submission right now (my FIRST EVER submission of a real short story!). If that one gets turned down, hey, you’ll see it as a newsletter link, cause I wrote it for a very specific market and have no plans to submit it elsewhere. It’s the shortest thing I ever wrote, I think, less than 4000 words, but I quite like it, so I’ll be happy to see it out in the world one way or the other.

And if not, well, I do have a scattering of ideas for other stories, some Black Dog related and some not, so I’ll pick a couple and see where they go. Maybe while I’m, ahem, taking a break in October.

So! Newsletter, now available! Like all decent newsletters, it should be easy to sign up and easy to unsign-up, so check it out if you are so inclined.

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