Books That Should be TV Shows / Books That Are TV Shows

Continuing the “media empire” idea a bit, two complementary posts:

Ten books that should be TV shows, from Chachic, and

Ten favorite TV shows based on books, from Maureen.

I thought it was kind of fun how I happened to encounter these two posts right after each other.

Chachic lists ten books / series, of which I have read and loved eight, have one on my TBR pile, and (ahem) wrote one. Of these, the one I’d most like to see made into a TV series (besides mine, obviously) is … hard to choose. Maybe Andrea Host’s Touchstone trilogy? I don’t know! Maybe MWT’s series starting with The Thief? Really very difficult to pick just one off this list.

I haven’t seen many of the shows Maureen picks, but “North and South” was spectacularly good. Also, I’m having trouble imagining anybody boiling Jonathon Strange and Mr Norrell down into a few hours in any form. Huh. That’s certainly an ambitious thing to attempt.

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3 thoughts on “Books That Should be TV Shows / Books That Are TV Shows”

  1. I haven’t watched TV in years, no matter how many times people recommend shows. Just don’t get around to it. I would have been interested in the Jonathon Strange show, so I’m sorry I missed it. OTOH, I can probably buy it…. (invokes Amazon)… Yep!

    But I do remember a (probably) BBC minii-series of Nicholas Nickelby that was very good.

  2. Jonathan Strange hits the surface events and misses all the backstory, which means that it’s a fine adaptation on one level but totally misses a lot of why I love the book. It’s still an interesting attempt!

  3. I listened to it in audio, which was loooong, but I loved the ending as everything finally (finally!) came together. But without all that set up, it’s hard to see how the viewer could appreciate the pieces falling into place at the end. Definitely an ambitious project, though.

    Elaine, I don’t watch TV either, cause I’d rather read books, but I keep sort of shuffling recommended shows into a someday-to-be-watched file in the back of my mind.

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