What do you think of story bundles?

So, I just went ahead and purchased this historical fantasy bundle. I can’t download it just yet because I don’t have a good enough connection here, but I’ll follow the download link sometime soon-ish.

It’s not the first story bundle I’ve picked up, but I think it’s just the second. Normally I’m not too keen. I don’t know the authors, usually, and you know, I have PLENTY of books on my TBR pile already. No real need to add more that haven’t been specifically recommended by someone.

Also, this particular bundle has Death of a Necromancer and Between Worlds by Martha Wells and Lord of the Two Lands and Pillar of Fire by Judith Tarr. These are good to great books, but after all, I already have them. But their inclusion made me feel like the other books in the bundle are more likely to be really good as well. I don’t know if that follows.

Let me see, other titles in the bundle …

Trafalgar and Boone by Geonn Cannon

The Emperor’s Agent by Jo Graham

Daughter of Mystery by Heather Rose Jones

The Orffyreus Wheel by David Niall Wilson

Stag and Hound by Geonn Cannon

Steel Blues by Melissa Scott and Jo Graham

The Armor of Light by Melissa Scott and Lisa A. Barnett

You can read summaries and snippets from them at the StoryBundle website if you click through, but I will admit, I didn’t take the time to look them over too exhaustively. Who has the time? But if you happen to have read any of these authors before, what did you think?

I guess I’ll think about other story bundles in the future partly in response to how I like all these.

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4 thoughts on “What do you think of story bundles?”

  1. The only one out of the (non-Tarr & Wells) list I’ve read was the Armour of Light . I read it when it was new, which means over 20 years ago. I know I reread it, so I liked it well enough at the time, but haven’t thought about it in years. Still, cautiously recommended.

    I’ve tried a couple Jo Grahams and they weren’t bad, they just didn’t work very well for me, either. (going up again recent reading of LeGuin’s Lavinia probably wasn’t fair to the first attempt, but I did try again.) It may work out like Judith Tarr whose work doesn’t connect with me, but you really like.

    Looking forward to your new books. May the work go well!

  2. Melissa Scott is one of my favorite authors, though I haven’t read the two books included yet- based on past reading, I suspect I prefer her SF to her fantasy the same way I do for Cherryh though. I really enjoyed Daughter of Mystery, and would definitely recommend that- it has non-evil religious magic, which might be of particular interest to you based on some of your past posts!

    The sample of The Orffyreus Wheel didn’t grab me at all, though, and I’ve heard that the Geonn Cannon books are erotica (or close to it, lots of sex anyways) so I suspect they won’t be to my taste. I have high hopes for the Tarr, the Wells (haven’t read the Ile-Rien books yet!), and the Graham (I liked Black Ships) though.

  3. (Here through Goodreads…)

    I’ve gradually learned I’m better off avoiding book bundles. I don’t read a ton; my TBR pile is endless; and the last thing I want to do is add a handful of books to my Kindle that I’ll later notice and go, “Huh, why do I have this one?”. It’s just not going to get read.

    (I’ve kind of gotten to a similar policy even on discounted ebooks. If it’s not something I want to read in the immediate future, I prefer waiting until I’m actually intending to read it, and buying it then at a higher price. Better one $10 ebook I do read than ten $2 ebooks I don’t.)

    An ebook bundles, almost by nature, are a grab bag. It makes more sense to bundle a few heavy-hitters with some others that wouldn’t draw as much of a crowd on their own, than to bundle everything together. I definitely wouldn’t assume uniform quality.

    I’d say ebook bundles are great in a few different cases:
    * You’re looking for great authors you’re not familiar with; it’s a kind of sampler for a great price.
    * There are enough books in the bundle that you’re interested in reading immediately to justify however much you’re paying them.
    * As a gift for a friend, who hasn’t read the “staple” books yet.

    But basically, the moment that you’re picky about what you’re reading, bundles shouldn’t disable your pickiness filter.

  4. Well, some of you are giving at least a cautious thumbs up to enough of the books in the bundle that I am hopeful. However, I have to add that I just looked at a book on my Kindle and thought: Did I really order that? Why? So yeah, that can happen, too.

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