Just to let you know —

Posting may be sparse over the next two weeks.

a) I am busy with a new revision (DARK TURN OF WINTER).

b) I am not working until August 22, which is when the fall semester starts, and internet access is very poor from my house.

c) I am distracted by various things going on in my life.

However, I will be taking my laptop with me to WorldCon, so I will probably post from Kansas City starting on the 17th.

And if I can get anything like a connection, I will try to post now and then. Especially since I’ll continue to keep an eye on The Passive Voice and File 770 and Blackgate and all those kinds of sites.

Let me add: If you happen to be at WorldCon yourselves, then please don’t hesitate to come talk to me, even if I’m with a group of other people. I’ll be hanging out with my brother and various friends and so on, but don’t hesitate! As an introvert, I know it can be tough to feel like it’s okay to approach someone you haven’t actually met in person, especially if that person is in a group, so let me make it clear that this is fine, I would love for you to introduce yourself, and I will be happy to talk to you.

My WorldCon schedule looks like this:

Thursday 12:00 New Trends in Young Adult — I asked my agent for input here, since I think the agent’s-eye view is broader than any author’s view.

Friday 12:00 Adult and YA Fiction: the Once and Future Teen — about transitioning from YA to adult fiction; whether readers do. I want to start this panel with a poll of the attendees and we’ll just find out about changes in actual reading habits of that group and then go from there.

Friday 4:00 Space and Human Speciation. Now THERE’S an interesting topic! I’ve already been emailing back and forth with the other panelists, which includes Elizabeth Moon, btw.

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