Just how impressive is YOUR English vocabulary?

Via File 770’s roundup of links for the day, in the number (11) spot, we find that:

1. Vox Day cited an online vocabulary test as evidence of his brains, reporting a score of 30150

2. Mike Glyer naturally zipped off to take the same quiz (hey, could *you* resist?) and also got a score of 30150

3. I couldn’t resist either, so I can tell you that apparently the top score is 30325, because that’s the score I got and according to Glyer, he and Vox Day only missed one, so I guess I got them all.

I’m sure you are now curious about this quiz, so here it is. It’s a synonym/antonym test that starts off super easy and does not, in my opinion, get very difficult. There are fifty items. I will add that I only knew “avulse” because of a knack for remembering medical terms. And a stronger knack for taxonomy, but one rarely encounters “Perissodactyla” on a vocabulary quiz, so that wasn’t useful here.

Anyway, enjoy!

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5 thoughts on “Just how impressive is YOUR English vocabulary?”

  1. I got 30150 as well. I agree, it was fairly easy for the most part. I know quite a few people who I’m pretty sure would do as well as I did.

    I also think I would have done a little better back in grade school, when I was in the height of my literature and vocabulary study.

  2. 30150 for this foreigner as well – there were three where I guessed (avulse, and 2 others), and those I probably got wrong. Considering others getting 30250 and 30500, I don’t think getting this score can be done with only one wrong answer.

  3. Maybe you guessed right twice?

    The scores must be calculated in some odd way to get these huge numbers when you just have fifty questions on the online quiz, so who knows?

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