Cover reveal!

Okay! I spotted this via Twitter last night, so I know it must be okay to show off the cover for The White Road of the Moon. Here it is:


What do you think? I like it! I did point out that it is a bit similar to the Griffin Mage omnibus cover, but they thought that was all right. Of course the colors and the circular orientation are quite different. And the font for the title is really different.

For comparison purposes, here’s the Griffin Mage omnibus:


But back to the White Road cover —

Do you see that from a distance the White Road cover is supposed to look kind of like an eye? Eyes and seeing are important in the book. You spotted the dog, of course! This is the first of my books with a dog in it; isn’t that amazing? He’s a wolfhound, not a cute little spaniel. I was indeed thinking of Irish wolfhounds, though of course this is not our world and so the dog is not actually a recognizable breed.

And as it happens, the dog — like many other important characters in this story — is a ghost.

I think it’s really interesting to compare my most recent covers:



unnamed (2)

I just think it’s fun that they’re all so completely, absolutely different. Which of them do you like the best? Find the most eye-catching? Would consider the most intriguing if you saw the book face out on a shelf?

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5 thoughts on “Cover reveal!”

  1. The White Road of the Moon stands out the most and looks very intriguing. I think The Mountain of Kept Memory is the most beautiful.

  2. I am notoriously non-visual.

    My favorites are a tie between MOUNTAIN and MIST.

    Took me a while to spot the dog. I think I like the new cover. I’m sure it would catch my attention on a stack.

  3. I agree with Robert about The Mountain of Kept Memory. It’s gorgeous and beautiful and my favourite cover. However, I’m not sure that it would stand out the most on a shelf. For me, I think The Keeper of the Mist might take that category.

  4. I agree with those of you who think MOUNTAIN is the most beautiful, but not the most eye-catching. Hopefully all of them appeal to readers who are just browsing and don’t know my name, but who can say?

  5. FWIW, I like the White Road cover quite a bit more than the trilogy cover — and its aesthetics seem to fit the book significantly better.

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