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Hey, I just noticed that Sharon Shinn’s 4th Elemental Blessings book is scheduled to come out this year. Cool!


Remember Leah from JEWELED FIRE? This is evidently her book. The description at Shinn’s website says:
Leah Frothen has spent five years in self-imposed exile, recovering from a failed relationship and hating herself for abandoning her baby daughter. Now she’s back in Welce, determined to find her place in society and learn to be a mother to her little girl. Life quickly becomes complicated when the regent asks her to spy on mysterious ambassadors from a visiting nation and when an old friend unexpectedly shows up, wrestling with demons from his own past. Leah finds herself developing a dangerous friendship with an unscrupulous foreign woman and falling in love with a man she’s not even sure she can trust. And soon she learns that everyone—her regent, her lover, and even her daughter—have secrets that could save the nation, but might very well break her heart.

I love this series, and this installment sounds good. I will undoubtedly re-read JEWELED FIRE before this new UNQUIET LAND. Probably not the first two, though. I remember them really well by now.

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