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I’m not familiar with the short form dramatic presentation nominees (I never am). But this year I did actually see three of the five movies that are on the list, and I’m actually willing to rank the other two without seeing them. So my list will look like this:

1. The Martian. I liked the book better — the book was one of the greatest page-turners I’ve read lately. But I thought the movie did a pretty good job, too. And I was quite happy to have lines like “I’m going to have to science the shit out of this” delivered with conviction to a big audience. Yay for that!

2. Mad Max: Fury Road. Whoever said this was “an art film with explosions” was so right. But I’m not super into art films. I’ll take a straightforward story over an art film most any time. I mean, I enjoyed this movie, but I couldn’t really get into as a *story* when I was laughing at the crazy guitar guy and the crazy impossible societies in the desert and the crazy kids and that ridiculous idea of “blood banks” and, and, and . . . did I mention the guitar guy?

3. Avengers: Age of Ultron. I didn’t actually see this. But I do like the Avengers movies and most of the related movies I’ve seen, especially the first Captain America movie.

4. Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I didn’t see this either. I know, right? But the fact is, I am just not very into Star Wars. I haven’t even read Martha Wells’ tie-in novels, that’s how not into Star Wars I am. I guess the original trilogy was enough for me. But I heard the movie was pretty good, though! So I’m perfectly willing to put it above —

5. Ex Machina. Good heavens, someone should have warned me this was a horror film. You know, tweak the plot just a tiny bit and you could get a far more acceptable ending. For a really smart guy, the protagonist was unbelievably stupid. I felt like the terrible ending was forced on the protagonist by the writers refusing to let him take very obvious, easy precautions. Ugh.

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2 thoughts on “Hugo Voting: the movies”

  1. The Force Awakens was basically just a lukewarm remake of A New Hope, only with a female Luke. Some scenes were exact copies of the original, to the extent that it was distracting. I think I agree with your order, although I don’t like horror so I didn’t see ex machina.

  2. Sarah, how interesting. Sometimes I think Hollywood honestly is unable, these days, to come up with anything new.

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