RA MacAvoy reports on Worldcon . . . nearly 30 years late

Over at File 770, a long report from RA MacAvoy about Conspiracy at Brighton in the UK, which hosted WorldCon 29 years ago.

This is quite entertaining to read. I hope that the upcoming Kansas City WorldCon offers a more welcoming atmosphere to all attendees, though since we’re still rather hotly embroiled in arguments about Puppies and slates and everything, who knows.

If I come away with a book idea like MacAvoy, that’d be fine, but I’d just as soon skip being accused of impersonating a famous writer with a completely different name than me.

Anyway, sounds like quite an experience. The thing with the daisies was charming, though. I would never have thought of that as a means of breaking the ice.

If you have time to click through, the comments are also worth reading.

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