What is your spirit animal?

Here is a beautifully put together Buzzfeed quiz: What is your spirit animal?

This quiz was written by Emma Green, author of a new novel: The Many Selves of Katherine North, which I’m hearing good things about.


Interesting cover, yes? Do you see the woman as well as the fox? The first line of the teaser for this book: When we first meet Kit, she’s a fox.

Anyway: the Buzzfeed quiz! I like it because you don’t have to keep clicking to the next screen to get from one question to the next (yay!); because it’s written so that one question flows neatly into the next, in an unusual chatty style; and because I got Tiger, which is obviously flattering.

Click through if you have a minute and want to see how a really good Buzzfeed quiz can be structured. And, of course, if you want to see what your spirit animal is.

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12 thoughts on “What is your spirit animal?”

  1. I took the quiz twice. I got Blue Whale both times. I wonder what the other potentials are?

    It’s a creative way to advertise her book. Looking forward to reading it.

  2. Bald Eagle, here. Great shot of the bird with wings outspread. Not sure how I got it, but it came up three times, although I tried to answer differently.

    totally off topic, but what the heck… Rachel my husband finally fished BLACK DOG off the shelf and has been engrossed all day with it.

  3. Pete, HURRAY indeed!

    I took the quiz three times, with what I thought were different answers, and got Tiger twice and Bat once. Bat! That was a surprise. I didn’t expect that as a choice. So, so far we have Tiger, Bat, Bald Eagle, and Blue Whale. I may play around with it and see what else I can get. Surely a fox is in there somewhere, given the cover of the book?

  4. Got a Bald Eagle the first time, which was quite flattering. The second time I got an Octopus, which would have been less flattering except that the description was really cool. Third time was Octopus again, even though I thought I’d chosen more similar responses to my first time.

    Fun quiz, though! Reminded me how much I’d like a really good Patronus quiz.

  5. I got Octopus twice, after what I thought were significantly different answers. They certainly did a good job of making it flattering.

  6. You know, I’m now really interesting in getting Octopus so I can see how that spirit animal is framed so as to be flattering. *makes a note to go back and retake the quiz*

  7. Octopus (what I tried) is what you get if you just wing it–the motto is “you contain multitudes” or something like that. It’s a muddled signal, is all.

  8. The description of octopus (tagged “manyselves” or something like that) says:
    You’re an octopus. Wow. Do you even know how amazing you are? I suspect you don’t. You have three hearts for a start, that’s an awful lot of love. And that’s not the only thing you have a lot of – if you ever feel of two (or nine) minds, that’s probably because half your neuronal matter is to be found in your arms, each of which verges on autonomous. Even though these details set you apart as wildly unique, others won’t know unless you want them to because you’re a master of camouflage and can easily change colour and shape to blend into any environment. Whilst you might not have any back-bone (invertebrate jokes!), you’re playful, adaptable and smart, and I mean smart. Often you only need to see a trick to master it yourself and you’re a dab hand with tools. You can even open child-proof pill bottles, which is more than I can often do. Give me a hand? I’m getting a headache just thinking about how crazily incredible you are.

    I suspect it’s the last question which determines which animal you get – if you choose soar, you get a bird, hiss you get a snake, roar you get a lion or bear? I chose at peace and got the octopus.

  9. Hanneke, thank you! I could NOT get Octopus though I tried all the aquatic-sounding answers (I got Blue Whale). That really is a very flattering take on an octopus.

    I don’t know if it can be right that the only thing that matters is the last question. I didn’t pick Roar when I got Tiger. But it would sure be easier to spit out results if only one or two questions counted.

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