On Sunday, I rested

So, today I nearly took a writing break. Not because it’s Sunday, actually, but because I felt like I was starting to possibly burn out a bit. It’s not like I’m facing a looming deadline. So: a break.

In sixteen days, I’ve added 120 pages to my official WIP, No Foreign Sky bringing that manuscript to a total of 260 pages (80,000 words). That’s great! I’m so pleased with how that’s going. Also good: I’ve worked out the next bit of the outline, so the outline now extends into the back third of the book, more or less. I’m hoping to bring this manuscript in at around 350 pages, which (as you can see) means only another 100 pages or so — I can start to feel like I’m moving downhill. Whew!

Plus, when I say I took a break today, I mean I still managed my official minimum of 2000 words; it’s just I stopped after that rather than going on.

I’ve also added 55 pages to my unofficial WIP, Shadow Twin, bringing that to a total of 115 pages. I’m pretty happy with that, as well, although I feel like one of the new chapters will probably be re-written significantly at some point. I have exactly one more scene in my head and then I’m not sure. I will go back and connect the beginning to the middle, probably.

This turns out to be an average of 11 pages per day for 16 days (counting both WIPs). I’ve written that much that fast before, once, when I was really in the zone, but I would never commit to that writing schedule for a full book-length project. Ugh. Never.

Plus the Extreme Rain of the past weeks helped keep me indoors and at the keyboard which normally you don’t count on (or want). We still have rain in the forecast, but please God not another 48 hours of steady rain any time in the next couple weeks. That would be great at the end of July, but it’s practically a swamp out there now.

This coming week should be calmer as I stop pushing for words per day. A little bit of a break would be welcome and perhaps rejuvenating, plus I need to take time to go on a search and destroy mission against all the burr plants in the yard, do some weeding, etc, all the pressing garden tasks, you know how it goes.

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