Janet Kagan’s books re-issued

Oh, hey, take a look: via File 770, a pleasing newsflash: Baen has re-issued Janet Kagan’s books.

I see they’re available on Amazon, too, if that’s more convenient for you.

Hellspark is a novel, one I highly recommend. It’s a murder mystery, and AS a murder mystery, it’s second-rate. However, as an anthropological study it’s a delight in several different ways.

Mirabile is a lot of linked short stories set on the world of Mirabile, where very odd things happen with animals and plants because long ago human colonists nested hidden genomes inside the genomes of the animals they took with them.

Uhura’s Song, not one of the ones re-issued by Baen, is one of my favorite Star Trek tie-in novels.

And The Collected Kagan appears to be a bunch of other shorter works. I’m not familiar with this but from the table of contents, it looks like a collection of 20 short stories. I’m going to go ahead and pick it up, even though I am not that keen on short stories.

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5 thoughts on “Janet Kagan’s books re-issued”

  1. Yes, my copies were all lost in the mists of time. So happy these are out! (Already read Hellspark again after so many years.)

    More on inexpensive books: TOR is having a sale on Max Gladstone craft series eBooks, $4.99 each. I love this series, where lawyers ACTUALLY ARE necromancers.

  2. I read that review, and yes I can think of another Opera novel; The Black Opera by Mary Gentle, who was writing dark fantasy before there was dark fantasy. The opera has a happy ending: Everyone dies in Herculaneum, but live happily ever after as some kind of ghost.

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