I really appreciate copy editors!

Nevertheless, this gif-filled post by Laura Anne Gilman is really funny.

Moments of copy editing she does not mention:

That moment when you are 75% of the way through copy edits and it suddenly occurs to you that really you need to change ONE THING that occurs OVER AND OVER in your manuscript and you have to go back to the beginning and look for THE THING all the way through.


Also, that moment when, in your head, you argue with the copy editor, and stet her change, and then decide fifty pages later that the copy editor was right after all, and you have to go looking for your Stet and erase it. And you can’t find it and start to wonder if you were dreaming about copy edits and never had that argument in your head with the copy editor in the first place.


Also! Just today I sent back the page proofs for MOUNTAIN, so I can mention another, much more positive Moment:

That moment when you see that your editor did in fact agree to go with your preferred spelling for a word rather than the obviously inferior spelling the copy editor chose.


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