Writer’s whiplash

So, this weekend, I:

a) Wrote several guest posts for The Keeper of the Mist

b) Completed this draft of what we are tentatively calling The Dark Turn of Winter — it still needs work, which I will do this coming week as I read through it once more and cut the heck out of it. It grew in this draft and is now pretty long.

Also, it occurred to me this morning that I could switch one small scene to a different pov and that would probably work better. Things like that keep occurred to me. Even so, fundamentally this draft *is* finished. Call it the third rough draft. I know perfectly well my editor will want more stuff done to it once she (finally) reads it herself. By the time she sends it back, I should be able to have clearer view of it again.

Anyway, also:

c) Worked on page proofs for The Mountain of Kept Memory. To my moderate surprise, given a perfectly competent copy editor, I’ve caught five or so real typos plus a couple continuity errors. Honestly, I think typos really *do* breed in the manuscript when you aren’t looking. But most of the little changes I’m making are artistic adjustments. Adding a comma or taking out a few words or whatever. It’s such a pleasure to work with a truly finished draft, I must say. I’m really enjoying going through it. I will probably finish that tonight and then go back to (b) tomorrow.

I think this is the first time I’ve worked with three different books in one weekend. I actually did write half a guest post over the wrong book and have to throw it away and start over. So if you ever wondered whether that could happen: apparently yes it can. How embarrassing if I’d finished that post and sent it off.

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