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Okay, I know I mentioned this before, like in February sometime, but for various reasons the blog tour had to be postponed. It is, however, starting today!

So, here, the updated schedule, which has just gone live.

The Fantastic Flying Book Club arranged this tour, so I’m grateful to Patricia Lopez & Anasheh Satoorian at The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club and at A Reading Nurse for setting this up. Thank you! I know it was a good bit of trouble what with one thing and another.

Twenty-four bloggers are participating over the next week or so, with every day bringing one interview or guest post plus several reviews. I’ll link to the interviews and guest posts, though I expect not to every. single. review. because I’m sure that would get old.

In case you are curious, though, even though I generally don’t comment about reviews here . . . I expect you mostly already know what you think about my books . . . a really positive review from a blogger does get:

a) deep writer appreciation and undying thanks (every review gets that),

b) mined for pithy quotes that look good on book jackets, and

c) a high probability that you’ll be offered an ARC of my next book, though I’m a bit shy of personally approaching bloggers for reviews unless I’m really pretty sure they will enjoy my next book.

So, the first interview just went live today.

Lots of the questions were tough! What’s your favorite book? Shoot, just one? That’s really hard. Who would you cast to play your main characters on the big screen? Good lord, I have no idea (frantically googles actors). I’m impressed to see that they went to the trouble of adding gifs and pictures!

Click through to read the whole (fairly long) interview.

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3 thoughts on “Keeper of the Mist blog tour”

  1. Enya and dark chocolate. Mmmm.

    And then Chalice and Alphabet of Thorn! Haha. Sweet.

    Good for you!

  2. Actually, I got Ombria in Shadow vibes from Keeper . Probably from the lush amber golden light and stuff.

  3. Well, I’m happy to be compared to Ombria in Shadow. Which I now want to re-read.

    And of course we all know that dark chocolate goes with everything!

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