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This is so true

I saw this on Twitter and I must share it with you:


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  1. Hanneke

    I sometimes think about that, when a new book comes out and we readers immediately wolf it down, and a day or two after it’s debut the first people are writing reviews, or commenting on the author’s blog that they read it and loved it, and are looking forward to more. It took the author about a year to write that book (or half a year, for some) – and we swallow it down in a day or two and start clamoring for more. I really wonder how this makes an author feel. Of course it’s nice if people love your book, but doesn’t this immoderation cause an unconscionable amount of pressure?
    Does it gove the impression of casting pearls before greedy swine, in that something you’ve labored long and hard over gets gobbled up so quickly (at least on the first reading; mostly a second slower savoring reread follows, when I love a book).

  2. Rachel

    Hanneke, please never worry about that!

    a) I, and surely most writers, LOVE when readers gulp down a book in days or mere hours! That’s *such* a compliment! Especially if you then read the book again more slowly.

    b) By the time the book is actually out, we (if we are traditionally published) have probably forgotten what a struggle those three revisions were and sort of feel like writing the book wasn’t all that much trouble, really.

    c) Knowing that readers are eager to read your current WIP is a very powerful and important motivator when you hit a hard bit. At least, for me.

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